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How we keep TicketSwap safe
I want to check if I'm actually buying a ticket on TicketSwap and not with a scammer
I want to check if I'm actually buying a ticket on TicketSwap and not with a scammer
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Am I really buying my tickets on TicketSwap, or am I being scammed?

We see more and more that people try to scam our customers by building a website with almost the same interface as ours (as in the screenshot below).

Step 1: Always make sure to check the URL, we use the following URL’s:

Step 2: Check if all the functionalities of the website work like they should work!

  • Try to go on your profile

  • Check if you can log in to the website

    If this doesn't work, you can assume that it's a fake website trying to impersonate and misuse the trust of TicketSwap.

    Please see below an example of a fake TicketSwap website and please be mindful of the differences pointed out by the red circles.

I got an email, is this from TicketSwap?

We've seen more and more that scammers are trying to use our name to trick people into "buying" tickets via an email which looks like it comes from TicketSwap.

They do this by sending an email containing a payment link, payment request or a hyperlink that leads to a payment page. After paying, you will never receive tickets, but you will lose your money.

These emails come from email addresses that resemble ours, such as:

Please be aware of the following details:

1. We never ask our customers to pay for the tickets via a payment link. You will always be redirected to our website and from there you will be asked which payment method you would like to use. Never directly from the email to a payment link.

2. We only sent out emails using the program ‘Intercom’. All our emails have a distinct layout and are sent by Intercom. If you get a ‘regular’ email, this has not been sent by us.

Whenever you have any doubts or find a fake website like described, please feel free to Contact Us and report the website.

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