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It says I can't buy or sell tickets for this event
It says I can't buy or sell tickets for this event

Sometimes we have to block sales for an event

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Why can’t I buy or sell tickets for this event?

It could be the case that an event you want to buy or sell tickets for is currently blocked on TicketSwap. Often, this is in cooperation with the organization, because they asked us to temporarily block the event. Most of the times, we have every intention of opening up the event very soon.

Sometimes in unfortunate situations, we have to permanently block the buying and selling of an event. This can because of different root causes, such as:

  • The tickets are strictly personalized (it’s guaranteed that the buyer will not be granted access to the event whenever the name on the ticket doesn’t match with their ID)

  • In cooperation with the organization, we have decided to temporarily pause event sales

  • The event is only accessible with wristbands or other types of entrance methods that TicketSwap doesn’t support.

  • In some countries, it is not possible to sell tickets for events we are not partnered with

    In these instances it will not help to contact us, as we already completed a thorough investigation before making this decision. You might be able to sell your ticket on another platform.

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