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Why your event might be blocked on TicketSwap
Why your event might be blocked on TicketSwap

Sometimes we have to block sales for an event

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Wondering why you can't buy or sell tickets for a specific event on TicketSwap?

Don't worry, there's a reason behind this.

Let’s explore why some events might be restricted.

Reasons why events may be blocked on TicketSwap

There are a few reasons why an event might be blocked on our platform:

  • Strictly Personalized Tickets: If the tickets are personalized and the buyer’s name must match their ID, we can’t allow resale.

  • Event Organizer Requests: Sometimes, at the request of the event organization, we temporarily pause sales.

  • Specific Entrance Methods: Events that use wristbands or other non-supported methods can't be sold on TicketSwap.

  • Country-Specific Restrictions: In certain countries, we can't facilitate sales for events we're not partnered with.

Alternatives for blocked events

Can't sell your ticket on TicketSwap? Consider these alternatives:

  • Look for other platforms that might accept your ticket type.

  • Reach out directly to the event organizer for possible solutions. Remember, we make these decisions to ensure the safety and legality of ticket sales.

At TicketSwap, our priority is to provide a secure and fair environment for buying and selling tickets.

While it can be frustrating to encounter blocked events, these measures are in place for good reasons.

Stay updated with our policies and feel free to reach out if you need help navigating these situations.

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