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What does subscribing to an organizer newsletter mean?

This means that organizers can contact you directly. These emails can be about new event announcements, ticket sales announcements, special ticket deals, and more. By giving your consent, you agree to receive marketing emails from directly from them.

What is an organizer?

An organizer is a company that is responsible for the specific event. An organizer company can be responsible for multiple brands. This means, that you can receive marketing communication related to any of the events hosted by the organizer.

Sometimes an event has multiple organizers. In this rare case, you will give consent to all organizers responsible for the event.

What personal data is shared about me with the organizer?

Your name, surname and email address.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletters?

It is not possible to unsubscribe from the marketing email via the TicketSwap platform. You can contact the related organizer to unsubscribe, or use the unsubscribe link at the end of their mail to you.

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