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There's another name on my ticket
There's another name on my ticket
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Got a ticket with someone else's name on it?

You're not alone, and there's no need to panic.

Let's dive into why this happens and how it affects your event experience.

Why is there another name on my ticket?

When you buy a ticket on TicketSwap, it might still bear the original buyer's name.

Due to logistical reasons, name changes on tickets are not always possible, especially for non-partnered events.

Attending events with a ticket in another name

Here's some good news: Most events don't check the name on your ticket.

So, you can enter the event with your TicketSwap ticket, even if the name doesn't match yours.

TicketSwap’s partnership and event policies

At TicketSwap, we're vigilant.

We monitor every event on our platform.

If an event requires personalized tickets, we block ticket sales.

This means if you see a ticket available on TicketSwap, you're all set to go, name mismatch or not.

Got a SecureSwap ticket?

These are usually personalized with the name on your TicketSwap profile.

Don't stress if the name doesn't match yours.

Event organizers are aware and primarily check the barcode or your purchase confirmation.

Encounter a mistake? We're here to help

If something seems off with your ticket, don't hesitate to contact us. Our customer support team is always ready to assist and rectify any mistakes.

The name mismatch on your TicketSwap ticket is mostly a non-issue.

Stay calm, get excited for your event, and remember, we're just a message away if you need any help.

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