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The organization of my event is saying tickets are strictly personalized
The organization of my event is saying tickets are strictly personalized
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Whenever you buy a ticket on TicketSwap for an event we are not partnered with, the name of the original buyer is still on the ticket. As we also explain in this article, this is no problem whatsoever. We check all events on TicketSwap and if we have any reason to believe they are strictly personalized, we block sales immediately.

Sometimes, organizations are really adamant that a ticket won’t work if the name on the ticket doesn’t match yours. They might implore you to request a name change or threaten that you won’t be able to enter the event. In almost all cases, this is because of two reasons. The first being that organizers often want to discourage reselling outside their own platforms, even for a safe and ethical resale platform such as TicketSwap. The other reason is that, oftentimes, the organization asks an additional fee to change the name. This means that if they convince you an event is strictly personalized, they rake in extra money for the same sold ticket. Eventually, at the door, they will only check for a valid barcode.

In other words, if you were able to buy the ticket on TicketSwap, we have absolutely zero reason to assume you will experience issues at the door. You can safely use the ticket in your account 😄

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