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In order to use TicketSwap, you need a fully verified phone number. This is why we send out verification codes by SMS to verify your settings. If you are not receiving this message, please follow these steps!

Step 1: Make sure your phone number has been filled in correctly

It can always happen that you accidentally made a mistake in filling in your phone number. Obviously, a text won’t come in if the number isn’t set up right. Check if it’s actually your phone number that’s displayed and make adjustments if necessary.

Step 2: Check if your SMS or text message inbox is full

Your text inbox has limited capacity, and when that capacity is reached, our texts might not come in properly. Take a look to see if your inbox is full and delete some unneeded messages to make room for ours!

Step 3: Check your connection with your network and reset if necessary

Make sure you have enough coverage to make calls and receive texts. Sometimes, if you’re in an area or room with less coverage, the text will not come through. You can reset your coverage by turning on airplane mode, and turning it back on.

Step 4: Request another verification code

You can always request another verification code to see if you receive it this time. This can be easily done through the app, whenever that option becomes available. However, if multiple attempts have already been unsuccessful, it’s unlikely that this option will work.

Step 5: Contact TicketSwap!

If all these options do not work, our support team is happy to help. We’ll report your issue with the text message provider and will try to get your phone verified as soon as possible.

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