I want to share my ticket with someone
Send your tickets to your friends!
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Sometimes, you buy a ticket on TicketSwap for someone else. Whether you buy a ticket as a present or because you want someone to join you at an event, it’s not always the most convenient option to keep the ticket in your TicketSwap-account. Luckily, you can easily share your tickets with someone else through a variety of channels. Here’s how to do this!

To share your ticket, please go to your purchased tickets-overview in your account. From there, select the ticket you want to share, and press the ‘share ticket’-button. Depending on the device you are using, you will receive a link you can send to your friends or even a menu with the various options you can use to send the ticket, such as WhatsApp or Instagram.

The recipient of your ticket can then accept the ticket and add it to their TicketSwap-account. The ticket will remain in your control, so you are always able to stop sharing or resell the ticket on our platform. The person who you share the ticket with can only view it in their account.

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