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I have not yet received the money for my sold ticket(s)
I have not yet received the money for my sold ticket(s)

Did you sell a ticket, but are you still missing the money? Check this article to see the possible reasons.

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If you sell a ticket on TicketSwap, we strive to pay you out within three business days. If you are missing your payout, please take the following steps to see what could be wrong.

Step 1: Check the payout date in your account

In your sold ticket overview, you can always double check the payout date of your transactions. Please make sure the date has passed before proceeding with further steps. If the payout date states the current day, please wait before this has passed until contacting us. We can’t control what time the amount arrives to your account, so it could be that the payout will be made later on the day.

Step 2: Check the verification status of your account

It is possible that we are not able to make the payout because we need some additional verification in your account. On this page you can check if extra verification is required. Please make sure everything is up-to-date. After the verification is completed, we will make sure you are paid out as soon as possible.

Please note that a fully verified account is required. Without full verification, we will not be able to pay you out. You can find out more info on the verification process here.

Step 3: Make sure you entered the right bank account

Through this link, you can check if your payout information is correct. If you changed bank accounts and forgot to update your information, please make sure it is adjusted. We will retry the payment to the right account, as soon as our initial attempt failed. This could take up to ten business days.

If these steps don’t work, it’s always possible to reach out to our support team. They can check the status of your payment, and provide assistance to make sure you receive your funds.

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