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How does TicketSwap Prevent the use of Bots?
How does TicketSwap Prevent the use of Bots?
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TicketSwap is a popular platform for buying and selling tickets to concerts, festivals, and other events.

However, some users may try to use bots to buy tickets faster than others.

TicketSwap has implemented several measures to prevent the use of bots on its platform, which we will explain in this FAQ article.

What is a bot, and why is it a problem?

A bot is a program that automates the process of buying tickets on TicketSwap.

These bots can scan for available tickets, add them to the cart, and complete the purchase in a matter of seconds.

This gives users who use bots an unfair advantage over others who are trying to buy tickets manually. It can also result in tickets selling out in seconds, leaving genuine buyers frustrated and disappointed.

TicketSwap does everything in their power to make sure that users who are making use of a bot are being banned from the platform.

How does TicketSwap prevent the use of bots?

TicketSwap has implemented several measures to prevent the use of bots on its platform. These measures include:

  • Captchas: TicketSwap uses captchas to ensure that users are human and not bots. Captchas require users to solve a puzzle or identify objects in an image to prove they are human.

  • Limits on ticket purchases: TicketSwap limits the number of tickets that users can buy for an event. This helps prevent users from buying large numbers of tickets with a bot. The number of tickets a user can buy is currently 8 tickets for the same event.

  • KYC: TicketSwap uses the ‘Know Your Customer’ regulations to verify user accounts. Users on TicketSwap need to verify their identity before being able to make full use of the platform. Bots do not get verified, which results into limited access to the platform. Using these regulations makes sure only genuine fans are getting full access.

  • Monitoring for suspicious activity: TicketSwap monitors its platform for suspicious activity, such as multiple purchases from the same IP address or device. If TicketSwap detects suspicious activity, it may flag the account and investigate further by the prevention team. Based on their findings, an account block or ban can follow.

  • SecureSwap: By making use of the SecureSwap technology TicketSwap can guarantee the validity of tickets. Users who are making use of a bot will be flagged and tickets can be made invalid. As fan fanatical is one of TicketSwap’s core values, we highly value the user's experience.

How does SecureSwap work?

By using SecureSwap, TicketSwap is able to generate a new ticket after a purchase has been made.

When a user sells a ticket on TicketSwap the barcode of the seller becomes invalid and the buyer receives a new ticket with a new barcode.

Using this technology will guarantee the validity of the ticket for the buyer.

Next to SecureSwap, the new feature of ‘Sealed ticketing’ has been introduced to the platform in 2022.

Ticket owners can resell their sealed ticket even when they have not received the ticket file yet.

TicketSwap makes sure that 48 hours before the event, the buyer receives their own, personalized ticket.

Disclaimer, we only use the sealed ticketing technology with partnered ticket providers such as Eventix and Paylogic.

Sealed ticketing prevents fraud and is the future of safe ticketing and resell.

How does TicketSwap ensure that tickets are genuine?

TicketSwap verifies the authenticity of tickets before they are listed on its platform.

When a seller lists tickets for sale, they must upload a PDF or PKpass file of the tickets, which TicketSwap reviews to ensure that they are genuine.

TicketSwap also checks the barcode on the tickets to ensure that they are valid and have not been duplicated.

On TicketSwap you can buy tickets for most popular events.

Whether it be festivals or concerts, you can find it all on TicketSwap!

What can buyers do to prevent the use of bots?

Buyers can help prevent the use of bots by following these tips:

  • Be quick: Genuine buyers should be quick when purchasing tickets on TicketSwap. Popular events can sell out quickly, so buyers should be ready to purchase tickets as soon as they become available.

  • Report suspicious activity: If buyers suspect that other buyers are making use of a bot they can report it to the Live Support team through our Contact page.

  • Don’t buy or use a bot as they do not work, and you will risk getting permanently banned from our platform.

Hopefully, you now have a clear understanding of what TicketSwap does to prevent bots.

If you’re ready, you can start selling tickets now!

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