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Sold a ticket? Here's when you'll get paid
Sold a ticket? Here's when you'll get paid

Just sold a ticket? Here you can find out when you should expect the money in your account

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Just sold a ticket on TicketSwap and can't wait to receive your payment?

We understand your excitement and are here to make sure you get your funds swiftly and securely.

Receiving your payment after a sale

Yay, your ticket has found a new owner!

You'll receive your payment within 3 business days after the sale.

To see when your money will arrive in your account, you can always check Payouts on TicketSwap.

Why do I get paid after the event?

Wondering why your payment might be delayed until after the event?

It's a precaution for users whose "risk value" exceeds 800 euros.

This value includes all tickets you're selling for future events and any pre-paid tickets for upcoming events.

It's part of the conditions you agreed to, as stated in our terms and conditions.

At TicketSwap, we ensure a secure and prompt payment process for all our users.

Keep an eye on your payout status, and feel free to review our terms for any further clarification.

Sell more tickets confidently, knowing you're in safe hands with us!

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