Easy fix for ticket upload issues
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Running into an error while trying to upload your tickets on TicketSwap?

Don't worry, and we've got the fixes right here.

Common reasons for upload errors

If your tickets are separated from the original file, that's likely the issue.

TicketSwap needs the full file to process your listing correctly.

Or, did you change the file name after downloading your tickets?

That can also trigger an error as it affects our security checks.

Step-by-step solution to resolve upload errors

Here's what to do: First, download your tickets again, directly from the email or your account.

Make sure not to change anything, especially the file name.

When you upload this original file to TicketSwap, you'll then be able to choose which specific tickets you want to sell.

Following these steps should clear up any upload errors.

Remember, TicketSwap is always here to assist if you need more help.

For more tips or assistance, contact our support team.

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