How to activate push notifications
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Want to catch every update about your favourite events on TicketSwap?

Activating push notifications is your key to staying in the loop.

Activating push notifications on iOS

For iPhone users, here’s how to get started:

  • Go to your iOS Settings > Notifications.

  • Find the TicketSwap app in the list.

  • Make sure 'Allow Notifications' is toggled on.

  • Missed the notification prompt? No problem:

    • Delete current alerts in the TicketSwap app, log out, and then log back in.

    • You’ll be prompted again to enable notifications.

Activating push notifications on Android

Android users, you're in luck!

Your phone automatically sends push notifications for apps.

  • Just navigate to Settings > Notifications.

  • Find TicketSwap and toggle on push messages.

    Remember, you can always fine-tune your notification preferences directly in the app.

With push notifications active, you won’t miss a beat on TicketSwap.

Switch between email and push notifications in your profile settings to suit your preferences.

Stay ahead of the game with instant updates!

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