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What is FairShare?
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Ever since TicketSwap was founded, we are proponents of a fair and safe ticketing market. One way we make sure of this is by taking on valuable partnerships with thousands of organisations, locations and ticketing companies across the world. Through these partnerships, we allow TicketSwap users to buy and sell their tickets in a safe manner. Now, we introduce a new aspect to these partnerships: FairShare.

Thanks to FairShare, it is now possible to not only earn back the money for your ticket, but also support your favorite event. This works as follows: when you offer a ticket that has FairShare activated, the profit you make over the ticket will be shared between you and the organization. This way, you get compensated for your troubles, and the organization can make every effort to make your favorite events even better.

Does FairShare apply to every event on TicketSwap?

No. Partners choose to activate FairShare. You will always be able to see this before you offer the ticket.

Can I still earn back the amount I paid for the ticket?

Yes! FairShare kicks in when a ticket gets sold for a profit. This way, you will get back the amount you paid, while sharing the profits with the organiser. When you sell a ticket on or below the original value, nothing will be shared with the organiser.

Does FairShare influence the maximum price on TicketSwap?

No. The maximum price on our platform is still the same as always. More info on our maximum prices can be found here.

Does FairShare apply for tickets bought on TicketSwap?

No. If you already bought a ticket on TicketSwap, FairShare is turned off when you want to resell it.

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