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I want to sell only one ticket from a larger file
I want to sell only one ticket from a larger file

Check here for all information regarding multiple tickets in one file. For instance: bundle tickets, multiple tickets on one page and more.

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Got a file with multiple tickets and only need to sell one?

You might wonder how this works on TicketSwap.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! 🤝

Selling multiple tickets in one file: How does it work?

When you have several tickets in one file and want to sell some, TicketSwap makes it easy.

Just upload the original file containing all the tickets.

Our system will split the file for each page automatically and ask which tickets you want to sell and which ones to keep.

Handling differently priced tickets

Got a mix of kids' and adult tickets, or event and parking tickets?

Create separate listings for each.

For example, make one ad for the kids' ticket (clearly stating it's for kids) and another for the adult ticket.

This clarity helps buyers know exactly what they’re purchasing. ✍️

Selling more than one ticket on a page

If there’s more than one e-ticket on a single page, our system typically recognizes this. But if it doesn’t, or if you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We can manually split the tickets for you.

Selling tickets in a bundle: Yes or No?

Thinking of selling all your tickets together?

Usually, it’s not possible, as our platform allows each buyer to buy a single ticket. However, for events with specific regulations (like tables for four or bundle tickets), bundle selling is an option.

Just mention this in your ad description. 🔄👥

Can you use a ticket that's not sold?

Absolutely! If a ticket hasn’t sold, feel free to use it.

Just remember to delete your listing from our platform before using the ticket to avoid any last-minute sales conflicts.❗️

Selling tickets from a bundled file on TicketSwap is simpler than you think.

Whether it’s different ticket types, multiple tickets on one page, or bundle selling – we've streamlined it all for you.

If anything seems amiss, we’re just a click away at TicketSwap Support. 📞🛠️

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