What happens if my ticket doesn’t work?

Luckily this rarely happens. However, if something goes wrong we will do our best to help you swiftly find a proper solution.

Currently standing in front of the entrance?

Customer support is available right now. Please contact us immediately by chat or phone: +44 20 3608 4611.

How do I report a ticket that didn't work?

Please make sure to gather as much as evidence as possible (pictures of the scan device, a proof of rejection from the venue, proof of payment of a new ticket).

After the event has taken place, you will receive an email from us (see below), prompting you to report whether the ticket worked or not. If your ticket does appear to be invalid, TicketSwap will put you and the seller in touch through a moderated chat with one of our support agents, in order to find an amicable solution.

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