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On TicketSwap, (mili)seconds can make a difference if you want to buy a ticket for your favorite event. If thousands of fans are looking for the same ticket, it’s essential to be on time with the notification. However, sometimes, it can occur that you feel like you’re receiving your ticket alert later than other people. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, this could sometimes be correct.

The (a bit simplified) explanation to this is as follows. While we send out notifications to all our users simultaneously, they don’t always show up for every fan at the same time. Your phone, to manage your battery level, pushes some apps to the background if they aren't interacted with sufficiently. This means that notifications show with a delay, even if they get pushed by our system at the same time.

Concretely, this means that although we do everything in our power to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to get their desired ticket, it’s sometimes impossible for us to ensure you get the ticket alert at the right time.

Want to get a bit more into the technical nitty-gritty of it all? This article explains what you can do to make sure you receive notifications as fast as possible.

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