Here at TicketSwap, for most events, we work with a 'first come, first serve'-system. This means that, for some popular events like for example Hellfest or Boom Festival, it can be extremely difficult to be the first one to click on a ticket alert. For some events, thousands of people press a notification at the same time, and therefore you might be too late. You need a bit of luck to be the one who gets to buy the ticket in the end.

There are some tips to make sure you are a bit faster: you can disable the lock screen on your phone. This way you'll get into the app just a bit quicker, and those milliseconds can make the difference. Keep trying and good luck 💪

To make sure you are receiving the alerts correctly, you can check out this article here.

Can people use bots to buy tickets?

No. This is strictly against our terms and conditions and goes against the ethos and spirit of TicketSwap. Luckily, we have put a stop to this practice with some smart preventions by continuously optimizing our systems to prevent bots and to block people who try and use them. We can promise you that if you miss out on a ticket, it gets sold to a loyal fan, just like you!

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